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OBRA's Cinematography in highlight
17 de agosto de 2015

André S. Brandão is the responsible for OBRA'S beautiful cinematography. He received the prize of Best Cinematography in Rio's Film Festival 2014 and is collecting compliments wherever the movie is exhibited. 

Check out some lines about Brandão's work:


"Andre Siqueira Brandao’s widescreen black-and-white lensing alone would gain the pic currency on the fest circuit..." VARIETY (EUA) 

"Shot in often stunning black and white..."  HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (EUA) 

" ...striking visual compositions..."

"... has the look and style of a festival favourite..." SCREEN DAILY (UK) 

"Gorgeously shot in black and white" TIFF.net (Canada) 

"Beautifully shot in black and white by André Siqueira Brandão" OMELETE (Brasil)

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