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Obra at the Chicago International Film Festival
14 de outubro de 2015

OBRA will be exhibited at the 51º Chicago International Film Festival,  the longest running international competitive film festival in North America, and that takes place this year between 15-29 october. OBRA, the 1st feature film by Gregorio Graziosi, will be part of the program Spotlight: Architecture, conceived to celebrate outstanding representations of innovative architecture and design in the cinema.

Besides OBRA, other 5 brazilian films will be part of the Festival: Absence, by Chico Teixeira, Neon Bull, by Gabriel Mascaro, To my beloved, by Aly Muritiba, Hopefuls, by Ives Rosenfeld, and Orphans of Eldorado, by Guilherme Coelho. 

Gregorio will attend the exhibitions of 16 and 18/10. More info here.


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