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The Girl of the Screens Anim . 35mm . Color . 15’ . 1988

Some lovers can dive into very unusual and surprising journeys through all sorts of genres and styles invented in cinema so far to represent the greatest of all the arts: the art of passion.

Director Cao Hamburger

Director of short and feature films, animations and TV shows. Cao Hamburguer made his debut as director of feature films with Castelo Rá-tim-bum (2000), based on a series of huge success he directed for TV Cultura between 1993 and 1994. Born in Sao Paulo in 1962, he went into filmmaking with the stopmotion animation Frankenstein Punk (1987), directed with Eliana Fonseca, winner of the Best Short Award by the official jury and the popular jury at Gramado Film Festival. The next year, 1988, he released another stopmotion, The Girl of the Screens (1988), winner of the Best Short, Editing and Music Prizes at Brasília Film Festival. He then directed the short-film O menino, a favela e a tampa de panela (1997), made by BBC London and Ragdoll, shown by UNICEF in thirty different countries. In 2006 he finished his second feature, The year my parents went on vacation (2006), whose script was selected by Sundance Screenwriters Lab in Brazil. It was considered the Best Film by popular vote at the 2006 Rio Int'l Film Festival and got three awards at the Grande Prêmio Vivo do Cinema Brasileiro, including Best Film, Best Original Script and Best Production Design. In 2011 he released his 3rd feature film, Xingu, that depicts the trajectory of Villas-Bôas brothers, important figures of Brazil's March to the West.



Cao Hamburger



Cao Hamburger, Fernando Salen and Maurizio Zelada


Executive Producer

Zita Carvalhosa


Production Director

Beatriz Jesus


Director of Photography

Marcelo Durst


Art Director

Maurizio Zelada and Renato Theobaldo



Vânia Debs



Luiz Macedo

  • Brasília Fim Festival - Best Short Film, Best Editing and Music
  • Rio Festival - Best Short
  • La Habana Film Festival  - Best Short
  • Gramado Film Festival

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