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Marias of the Chestnut Doc . 16mm . Color . 25’ . 1987

In the neighborhood of Estrada Nova, in Belém do Pará, live the Chestnut Women, who transform, with their calloused hands, the native fruit of the Amazon into a product of luxury for exportation.

Director Edna Castro

Edna Castro is a sociologue. "Marias da Castanha", her first documentary, was produced after a research with women workers from the industry of the chestnut for exportation.


Director Simone Raskin

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Simone has her heart set in Paris, dividing her life between Brazil and France, where she has lived for twenty years. She went to Sorbonne University in Paris, where she also taught English and Film Theory. With that experience she returned to Brazil and began her way into culture and design. Simone has written many films scripts, directed a short film and a documentary and has been art director for several films.



Edna Castro, Simone Raskin


Edna Castro, Simone Raskin

Executive Producer

Zita Carvalhosa

Production Director

Simone Raskin

Director of Photography

Mário Cravo Neto


Saulo Silveira


  • Cinema du Réel - 1988

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