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Love! Fic . 35mm . Color . 14’ . 1994

The most romantic love story in the world and other unhappy people.


Love (Noun Abstract):

1. Felling what predisposes someone to desire the good of other.

2. Fhysical and natural attraction between animals.

(Aurélio Buarque de Holando, Novo Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa, p. 86)

Director José Roberto Torero

José Roberto Torero directed six short films, two of them as a student from ECA-USP and four of them through Superfilmes: Memento Mori, Love! (best movie at Havana festival, Vila do COnde, Palm Springs, Santiago do Chile, Toronto, Gramado and Brasília), The Soul of Business (best movie in four festivals, including Drama, in Greek), and The Cake - Episode from the Movie "Happiness Is..." (special jury award from Hamburgo Festival).


He also made a medium length movie The World of a Barber Shop, for TV Cultura, and the feature film Manual for Love Stories.


He also scripted the short film A Soccer Tale, an Academy Award Finalist, and seven feature films, among them Posthumous Memoirs, Little Book of Love, Pelé Forever and The Story of Me.


He published 30 books (among them O Chalaça, Jabuti's Romance Award) and wrote a football column in Folha de S.Paulo from 1998 to 2012.


In television, for 8 years he wrote the Retrato Falado program, exhibited on Fantástico, beyond FDP series, exhibited on HBO since april 2012.

Filmography as director: 

Manual for love stories (2004, 35mm, 84')

Memento Mori (2002, 35mm, 12')

The world of a barber shop (2002, video, 55')

The cake - Episode from the movie "Happiness is..." (1995, 35mm, 70') 

Love(1994, 35 mm, 14') 


Paulo José 

Paulo César Pereio 

Abraão Farc 

Elias Andreato 

Guilherme Karan 

Rosi Campos


Writer and Director

José Roberto Torero 


Executive Producer

Zita Carvalhosa

Production Director

 Maria Ionesco

Director of Photography

José Roberto Eliezer

Art Director

Luis Fernando Pereira


Paulo Sacramento


Caco Faria


  • Havana Festival - Best Short Film
  • Vila do Conde Festival - Best Short Film
  • Toronto Festival - Best Short Film
  • Festival de Gramado - Best Short Film and more 5 prizes
  • Festival de Brasília - Best Short Film and Public Award 
  • Festival de Cuiabá - Best Production 
  • Guarnicê do Maranhão - Best Short Film
  • Rio Cine Festival  - Best Short Film
  • Santiago do Chile Festival - Best Short Film
  • Invited to 7 others International Festivals

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