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Gipsy River Fic . DCP . Color . 90'. 2013
About the film

Gipsy River is the first feature film of Julia Zakia. 


"In this film, the Gipsy culture, little known by brazilian cinema, gets a treatment that mixes elements of adventure with magical realism and touches of surrealism." (The Petrobras Cultural Program Selection Committee).


As a child, the gypsy Kaia witnesses the kidnapping of her younger cousin. Reka, the stolen child, grows up in a mansion as the servant of a Countess who, obsessed with not getting old, tortures and kills young women. She believes blood to be the source of youth. Reka helps the Countess in carrying out the crimes, and vaguely remembers her gypsy origins. Kaia, after becoming an adult, decides to leave the campsite and her family protection. Alone on her journey, she discovers that her destiny is to rescue Reka.

Stunned at first, Reka resists the presence of Kaia, but she ends up recognizing the love between them. Together they leave, following their paths on the road ahead. 

Director Julia Zakia

Julia Zakia has a Cinema Studies degree by the School of Arts and Communication - University of Sao Paulo (ECA - USP). Since then, she has directed five short-films, selected by the most important festivals around the world. She had the oportunity to accompany the portuguese cinematographer Eduardo Serra, assisting him during the shootings of  Blood Diamond, directed by Ed Zwick in Mozambique.


In 2007 she recieved the "Estímulo Prize" for short-films, granted by the São Paulo State Government  in order to develop the documentary short TARABATARA, about a gipsy family living in the state of Alagoas.


From the experience of living with this gipsy family she wrote the script of RIO CIGANO, her first feature film. 



RIO CIGANO (DCP-fiction-90'-2015)

PEDRA BRUTA (35mm –fiction-8’-2009)

TARABATARA (35mm-documentary-23’-2007)

A ESTÓRIA DA FIGUEIRA (35mm-fiction-17’-2006)

O CHAPÉU DO MEU AVÔ (video-documentary-29’-2004)


Georgette Fadel


Leuda Bandeira


Sielma Ferraz


Ciça Ferraz



Julia Zakia



Julia Zakia and Georgette Fadel



Adrian Cooper


Art Director

Monica Palazzo



Ide Lacreta and Julia Zakia


Executive Producer

Patrick Leblanc



Gato do Parque and Cinematográfica Superfilmes

  • Festival do Rio 2013
  • 37ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo
  • Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes 
  • Festival Internacional de Cinema do RS 
  • Femina - Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino
  • Competição Oficial Viña del Mar 
  • Muestra de Cine Centro e Iberoamericano - Nicaragua 
  • Mostra Cinema e Direitos Humanos (Prêmio aquisição Kit Democratizando)
  • Mostra Audiovisual de Campinas
  • Mostra de Cinema de Gostoso 
  • Mila Film Festival - Serbia 
  • Mostra do Filme Livre 

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