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Savage Capitalism Fic . 35mm . Color . 83’ . 1994
About the film

Rights transferred to Brás Filmes in 2002.


Hugo Assis, an important businessman owner of Jota Mineração, meets Elisa Medeiros, a reporter who investigates the company's transactions. Because of Elisa, the powerful businessman discovers his true roots and they begin a deep relationship that will transform him into another person. Jota Mineração goes through great change and initiates a great project of gold extraction in indigenous lands. Elisa becomes engaged in the ecological fight against exploitation and in defense of native land. The fight grows, becomes public and creates a "national affair".

Director André Klotzel

Considered one of the greatest newcomers in Brazilian cinema of the 1980's, André Klotzel has worked as director, producer and screenwriter for feature and short films.

While attending Cinema Studies at ECA-USP, he directed the 16mm short films Eva, Os Deuses da Era Moderna and Os Gaviões.

He directed his first feature in 1986, Damned Meat, a wonderful tale about the typical Brazilian hick, which was selected to Cannes Critic's Week and had over 1.2 million viewers.

In 1994 he directed Savage Capitalism, sarcastically concerning the contradictions Brazil lives in.

In 1996 he was invited by the Santos City Hall to direct a commercial about the city. André delivered A Brief History about the People of Santos, gathering historical accuracy, creative boldness and humor. 

In 2001 he directed Posthumous Memories, an adaptation of a classic novel by Machado de Assis, starring Reginaldo Farias. This film won five awards at Gramado Film Festival and was exhibited in eleven international film festivals, Berlin included. 

His feature Reflections of a Blender was released in 2010.


Feature Films: Damned Meat, 1986; Savage Capitalism, 1994; Posthumous Memories, 2001, Reflections of a Blender, 2010.

Short Films: Eva, 1974 (16 mm, color, 10 min); Os Deuses da Era Moderna, 1978 (16 mm, B&W, 25 min); Gaviões, 1982 (16 mm, color, 20 min); No Tempo da II Guerra, 1991 (35 mm, color, 18 min); Jaguadarte, 1994 (16 mm, color, 3 min); A Brief Story about the People of Santos, 1996 (35 mm, color, 14 min).


Fernanda Torres 

José Mayer 

Marisa Orth 

Marcelo Tass


Writer and Director

André Klotzel 


Executive Producer

Zita Carvalhosa

Production Director

 Lula Leite Franco

Direction of Photography

Pedro Farkas

Art Director

Roberto Mainieri


Danilo Tadeu


David Tygel


  • Festival de Brasilia - Best Art Direction and Best Sound
  • Toronto International Festival (Canada)
  • Biarritz International Festival (France)
  • Chicago Film Festival
  • Washington Film Festival
  • Santa Monica Film Festival (USA)
  • Huelva Film Festival (Spain)
  • Havana International Film Festival (Cuba). 
  • Festival de Gramado - Panda Award

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