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Night Angels Fic . 35mm . Color . 98’ . 1987
About the film

Rights transferred to Brás Filmes in 2002.


A fragmented panel of a night in the city with some of its usual characters. The background is the big city. The time lived, only one night. Throughout the story we whitness two apparently random crimes, insoluble and unpunished until dawn. The characters are kept out of society, living their own solitude and anxiety. Fantasy and reality are mixed unaware of where one ends and the other begins. Their lives are seen through a looking glass where irony and cynicism are always present.

Director Wilson Barros

He attended Film Studies at the School of Communications and Arts at USP (ECA) and, before becoming a director, he teached at the same school. He was part of a generation of big names in São Paulo cinema. He also studied at the University of New York, and in 1987 he directed the feature film Underworld, which won several awards at the most important film festivals in Brazil, and was presented at several festivals abroad. In 1987, with Anjos da Noite, he won the prize of best director at the Gramado Festival.


Zezé Motta 

Antônio Fagundes 

Marco Nanini 

Marília Pêra 

Guilherme Leme 

Chiquinho Brandão


Writer and Director

Wilson Barros


Executive Producer

Zita Carvalhosa


Production Director

Álvaro Pedreira


Director of Photography

José Roberto Eliezer



Renato Neiva Moreira



Sérvulo Augusto

  • Festival de Gramado - Best Director, Actress, Art Director, Photography and Critic’s Award
  • Festival de Brasilia - Best Picture, Art Director and Photography
  • Air France Prize of Cinema 1987 
  • Edgar Brazil Prize of Photography

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