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Marina, 30 years old, is an ex-diver who is suffering from a terrible buzzing in her ears, which affects her emotional and physical balance. Away from professional competitions after an accident suffered in the last Olympics, she decides to go back to competing in hopes of winning an olympic medal in Rio 2016, even though her life is put to risk by doing so. In order to attain her goal and beat her younger opponents, Marina needs to regain confidence in her own body, overcome her fear of the diving board and defeat her biggest enemy: that haunting buzzing sound.

Director Gregorio Graziosi

Brazilian Filmmaker, born in 1983. Graduated in Fine Arts and Film Studies. OBRA, his first feature film, debuted at Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF, on the session Discovery, dedicated to discover new talents. 


From Rio International Film Festival, OBRA received the FIPRESCI Prize of Best Latin American movie and the Redentor Prize of Best Cinematography. In Habana it was awarded with the Coral Prize for Artistic Contribution. OBRA was exhibited in more than 20 international festivals, like Rome, Munich and Chicago. 


Graziosi co-wrote and co-edited the movie  GOOD LUCK, SWEETHEART with the director Daniel Aragão, awarded in Locarno and Brasília. He also colaborated with the script of the movie COFFEE STAINS, by Leonardo Lacca. 


Graziosi's short films were exhibited in several festivals, such as Cannes Cinéfondation, Locarno, Mar Del Plata, Clermont Ferrand, IDFA and Cinéma Du Réel. He is currently developing his 2nd feature movie, TINNITUS, also produced by Zita Carvalhosa and Superfilmes. 


OBRA  2014, fiction, DCP, Bw, 80 min. 

TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival 2014, Rio International Film Festival 2014 (FIPRESCI Prize of Best Latin American movie and Redentor Prize of Best Cinematography), Rome Film Fest 2014, International Festival of New Latin American Cinema - La Habana 2014 (Coral Prize for Artistic Contribution), Stockholm Film Festival 2014, Filmfest München 2015, Chicago International Film Festival 2015. 


MONUMENTO  2012, doc, HD, Bw, 10 min.

65º Locarno International Film Festival / 21º IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

MIRA 2009, fiction, HD, Bw, 12 min.

62º Locarno International Film Festival / 32° Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.


SALTOS 2008, fiction, SD, Color, 8 min.

61º Locarno International Film Festival / 31° Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.


PHIRO 2008, doc, SD, Color, 12 min.

21º IDFA International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam / 33° Mostra São Paulo International Film Festival.


SABA 2007, Doc, SD, Color, 15 min.

60° Cannes International Film Festival / 19° IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

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